Values and Principles

The Committee of Management, Manager and staff at Tastex Knitwear are committeed to ensuring all staff are treated with respect, tolerance and sensitivity and expect a code of conduct that supports and reflects the privacy, rights and confidentiality of all personnel.

Tastex complies with the revised National Disability Services Standards. These are:

  • Rights - The service promotes individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination and decision-making and actively prevents abuse, harm, neglect and violence.
  • Participation and Inclusion - The service works with individuals and families, friends and carers to promote opportunities for meaningful participation and active inclusion in society.
  • Individual Outcomes - Services and supports are assessed, planned, delivered and reviewed to build on individual strengths and enable individuals to reach their goals.
  • Feedback and Complaints - Regular feedback is sought and used to inform individual and organisation-wide service reviews and improvement.
  • Service Access - The service manages access, commencement and leaving a service in a transparent, fair and equal and responsive way.
  • Service Management - The service has effective and accountable service management and leadership to maximise outcomes for individuals.


Australian Disability Enterprises

"Tastex Staff work together"

Tastex Support staff and Supported staff.