Custom Knitwear

Tastex knitwear specialises in providing quality knitwear in the design of your choice. We offer a range of customising services and are happy to discuss your requirements.

Our products can be customised

  • to suit individual fitting requirements
  • to provide personalised company or school designs and colours
  • to create your own individual identity

Customised knitwear includes

  • blend options: e.g., 100% pure wool and wool blend choices
  • a choice of colours including specially died shades
    to suit your school or corporate image
  • knitted stripes on garments and/or bands
  • collar designs (e.g., crew neck, v-neck)


All our garments can be embroidered in your logo, design, or name. Our design staff can help you design your own logo or use an existing logo. Once your design is digitalised new embroidery runs for your apparel and knitwear can be completed very quickly to suit your ongong needs.



Customising options:
Custom knitwear and uniforms
Made to Measure
Custom logo design
Knitwear blends
Knitwear patterns
Our knitwear colour ranges

Contact us:
Tastex Knitwear Inc. – 12 Mill Lane – Glenorchy – Tasmania, 7010 Australia
Tel: 03 6272 8877 – Fax: 03 6272 8887