Custom logos

If you already have a logo or need help with logo design ideas Tastex can help you.

Once your logo is a reality we digitise your logo ready for our embroidery machines.
The digitised logo can be embroidered onto any garments you wish:

logo: My State, Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2015

  • wool, fleece, cotton, acrylics, canvas, etc.
  • knitwear, shirts, hats, caps, scarves, fleece jackets, hoodies ...

We keep a copy of your digitised logo on file so that it can be used again and again for you.

Use our embroidered logo service for all your uniform and events apparel:
business logos, school emblems, names or special "one off" event logos.

Digitising your logo

What we need.

  • Send us your logo in an image form. We will convert it into the correct format using a specialist computer program for our embroidery machines. If you don't have a suitable image send us your logo on a letter head or business card. It should be a good quality, clear reproduction so that our expert digitiser can reproduce the best quality image.
  • There is a "once off" set up fee charged based upon the complexity of your logo.
  • Once we have digitised your logo it can used it over and over without further cost to you.

Customising options:
Custom knitwear and uniforms
Made to Measure
Custom logo design
Knitwear blends
Knitwear patterns
Our knitwear colour ranges

Contact us:
Tastex Knitwear Inc. – 12 Mill Lane – Glenorchy – Tasmania, 7010 Australia
Tel: 03 6272 8877 – Fax: 03 6272 8887

four head embroidery machine
A four head embroidery machine at work at Tastex