Customizing your knitwear


Tastex Glenmill Softwear v-necked, school vest

At Tastex we can customise your knitwear to suit your style, colour and design.

We will work with you to discuss the patterns we use. Knitwear may be knitted with special bands and necklines, incorporating the colours of your school or company.

The "pattern" might be plain or varied with ribbed, fisherknit or drop stitch variations.

Our staff are happy to discuss your requirements.

Some of our Tasex knitwear pattern styles . . .

Customising options:
Custom knitwear and uniforms
Made to Measure
Custom logo design
Knitwear blends
Knitwear patterns
Our knitwear colour ranges

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Tastex fitted vest and cardigan

Fitted vest and cardigan drafted and designed at Tastex.