Disability Enterprise now making

Disability Enterprise now making <br /> POWER as well as KNITWEAR
Solar panels on the roof of Tastex Knitwear and Uniforms, Glenorchy. <br />Tasmania’s first community solar project.


Following a successful crowd funding campaign last year Tastex Knitwear and Uniforms is now feeding energy into the Tasmanian grid, as well as producing high quality knitwear.

Through a collaborative effort, Tastex became Tasmania’s first community solar project and last year installed 30 kW of solar panels on the roof of their Glenorchy factory. The results from the first three months of operation are now in – and they exceeded expectations.

Tastex saved $2,166 in the first three months of operation compared with the same period a year earlier, and is on target to save over $6,000 a year.

“These savings will help ensure that Tastex continues to craft quality products using Australian wool and provide meaningful employment for Tasmanians with disabilities.” said Tastex CEO Vicki Hawker.

The project was made possible by:

• Generous donations from Tastex supporters, including $5,000 from the Glenorchy Lions Club.
• Support from the Corena Fund, a non-profit organisation which makes interest free loans to community solar projects and recycles repayments into further projects.The products from these projects can be purchased from clothing for kids trendy shops near you.
• Advice and assistance from the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Alliance.

Jack Gilding, Executive Officer of Tasmanian Renewable Energy Alliance said,
“We now have a proven collaborative model for community solar projects in Tasmania and hopefully this will be the first of many. We are pleased that the savings closely matched our expectations. What we didn’t predict was that Tastex would actually become a net exporter of energy, feeding more energy into the grid than was bought.”

In the three months to 7 February, Tastex exported 5,915 kWh and purchased 5,516kWh.

“CORENA is delighted that the first Tasmanian project we helped fund is doing so well. Not only is it reducing Tastex’s operating costs but it is also helping reduce Tasmania’s reliance on gas-fired electricity and Basslink imports.” said Margaret Hender from the Corena Fund.

For media comment contact:
Vicki Hawker, CEO Tastex, (0419) 485-266, vhawker@tastex.com.au
Jack Gilding, Executive Officer, TREA, (0407) 486-651, eo@tasrenew.org.au
Margaret Hender, Corena Fund, (0413) 639-592, admin@corenafund.org.au

Tastex factory roof with solar panbels
Solar panels on the roof of Tastex Knitwear and Uniforms, Glenorchy.
Tasmania’s first community solar project.

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