Tastex Embroidery

At Tastex we take pride in providing our customers with quality products and services.

With the introduction of embroidery machines to complement our knitting production we can now meet the embroidery requirements of our customers in house. Tastex offers a quality embroidery service. Our machines are the latest technology, producing a high quality finish on all  fabrics.  This service ensures customers receive their completed garments as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Our embroidery machines at work
Our Tastex embroidery machine stitching a corporate logo on Tastex knitwear.

We not only embroider our own knitwear; we can put logos on any garments which our customers need embroidered—and we can help design and digitise your logo for you.

Polo shirts, jackets, hats, shirts, skirts, trousers, high visibility workwear, polar fleece, in fact any items of clothing are embroidered here at Tastex. The design can be as simple as lettering, or as complex as a multi-coloured crest or logo.

Our excellent quality embroidery is perfect for enhancing your school or corporate image. All customer requirements can be met speedily and individual requirements professionally digitised with excellent results.

Merrow badge edging machine
Our Merrow badge edging machine

We also specialise in one-off embroidery projects for sporting events, teams or special events.

Sew on Badges

Some of our customers prefer "sew on badges" for their knitwear and uniform garments. Yes! We can design and print "sew on badges" to your requirements. These badges are embroidered and edged ready to be sew on your garments.

Your logo says it all...

Tastex embroidered logo
Tastex embroidered logo

wooden boat festival 2015 logo
My State, Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2015 logo. Embroidered by Tastex.

Embroidered logo for The Australian Galloway Association.
Logo for the Australian Galloway Association, embroidered by Tastex.