Our People

Equality in Employment; Quality in Product

At Tastex we believe our people are our greatest asset.

Tastex currently employs 22 people, 15 of whom have an intellectual disability.

Tastex is a unique workplace which is both challenging and rewarding. The outcomes being achieved reflect the loyalty, hard work and dedication of our staff.  Our Mission Statement states our objective succinctly. “To enable people with intellectual disabilities to experience meaningful employment in a supportive environment”. 

Our team of dedicated Support workers are not only a highly skilled production team but ensure, through their leadership and dedicated support, that our Suppported workers receive the training they need and the confidence to embrace challenges within the workplace and the wider community.

All our people receive ongoing certified training. Support Staff complete the Certificate IV Disability Support and supported staff undertake various certificates e.g., Cert. I in Warehousing and Logistics.

The unique working environment created by combining a Quality Assured knitwear manufacturer together with an Australian Disability Enterprise is both challenging, and extremely rewarding. It takes commitment, patience, innovation and humour and it is thanks to our loyal staff that we continue to produce some of the highest quality knitwear in Australia whilst providing the training and support our supported employees need.

As always, our heartfelt thanks go to our customers! Your continuing loyalty and support enables us to provide both a diverse and satisfying workplace.

Walking Group

A number of our supported employees have begun participating in regular supervised walks to improve their fitness levels.

At Tastex we provide and encourage participation in different life skills training programs. These include our walking group , kitchen maintenance including simple cooking classes, assistance with supermarket shopping, and banking etc.

For a number of supported employees, these initiatives have assisted them to acquire the life skills required to enable independent living.

Members of the Tastex Walking Club set out for their weekly walk.

Members of the Tastex Walking Club set out for their weekly walk.


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To our loyal customers, we thank you! It is your continued support which enables us to continue to provide meaningful employment and ongoing training for our supported employees!

Tastex is an Australian Disability Enterprise.

Tastex is an Australian Disability Enterprise.

By purchasing your knitwear & uniform needs from Tastex, you ensure our success.
Thank you for your  support!

Awards Ceremony

Matthew Midgely receives his award.