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Our Mission

To enable people with intellectual, cognitive and developmental disabilities to experience meaningful employment in a supportive environment.

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Please contact us today to learn More about becoming a part of the tas textiles team. Prospective employees are encouraged to have an advocate present during the interview process.


Working at tas textiles: technicians

Tas Textiles also offers employment opportunities for skilled technicians, including knitting technicians, embroidery technicians, seamstresses, and more. If you’re interested in working with us in a non-supported role, please contact us here.

Working at tas textiles: ndis participants

Tas Textiles is an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) and NDIS participant workplace that provides meaningful employment and training for people with intellectual disabilities. In a supportive environment,
our committed, patient, and innovative employees take pride in producing some of the highest quality knitwear in Australia.

Our employees receive ongoing certified training in order to gain confidence and embrace challenges within the workplace and the wider community. Certificate I in Warehousing and Logistics
is just one example of the training our employees achieve.

• We offer our employees:
• Employment training and support
• Vocational training
• Community integration
• Build esteem and value
• Good working conditions
• Value as a member of our team
• Involved in Tas Textiles social functions

Every one of our employees are backed by our dedicated support workers who, through their leadership and dedication, ensure that our NDIS employees receive the training they need and grow professionally and personally in a welcoming and hard-working but fun environment.

Entry criteria

To be successful in obtaining supported employment
at Tas Textiles, applicants need to:

• Require on the job training and support
• Must be of legal age and an Australian citizen for employment
• Be keen to enter the employment environment
• Have realistic job choices
• Qualify for the NDIS