Sir Leslie the Quoll

Meet Sir Leslie the Quoll

Sir Leslie the Quoll and his relatives are easily identified by the spots on their fur and their pink nose.

Quolls are amazing climbers. They use their ridged feet to help them climb up trees, instead of using their tails to grip branches like monkeys do.

Nocturnal marsupials, they only leave their dens at night to forage for food such as insects, worms, and lizards.

Fabric & Features

All Envirowoollys® are environmentally friendly as they are filled with recycled wool
Our Envirowoolly soft toys are child safe and pet friendly
Embroidered features
Designed and made right here in Tasmania with Australian yarn
80% Wool / 20% Nylon
Machine washable
Suitable for all ages, babies to adults

Shipping Weight 0.1650kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.015m
Shipping Length 0.250m

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